Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop 4.8.1

Improve your memory through recall games

Brain Workshop is a brain training tool for PC users that helps improve and test your concentration. View full description


  • Challenging set of logic puzzles
  • Various difficulty levels
  • Helps improve your concentration


  • Interface issues with screen visibility
  • Help tutorial not included in game


Brain Workshop is a brain training tool for PC users that helps improve and test your concentration.

If you feel like you're often distracted or unable to concentrate, you're not alone. Nor do you have to get frustrated or just learn to deal with it for the rest of your days. Brain Workshop, much like many other brain training PC games, can help get you out of that distraction-laden rut.

Brain Workshop is a simple game of memory, not all that different from the classic game Snap. You're presented with a 9 block game board of sorts and asked to remember the order in which squares appear in each individual box. Unlike Snap though, there's an additional element that makes Brain Workshop even more difficult. On top of having to remember what order the square appear in, you also need to memorize letters that go with each square that are spoken verbally to you when you play Brain Workshop.

When the sequence is repeated a second time, users must click the letter "A" on your keyboard, the letter "L" or neither. Click "A" when the squares presented are identical to the sequence you saw in the first set. Clicking "L" means that the sound of the letter you heard is in the right sequence, although the square might not necessarily coincide with it. The point of these games in Brain Workshop is to help improve your memory recall over a period of time.

Brain Workshop is challenging but can be a little confusing at the get-go to learn how to play. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a built-in tutorial so when you click to get help, you'll be sent to the developer's website to read the tutorial there. This can get annoying for many users. There also appears to be an interface problem where other programs you have running underneath Brain Workshop might end up appearing through the game's interface, which can get irritating too.

Brain Workshop helps promote and improve your concentration with seemingly simple memory games.

Brain Workshop


Brain Workshop 4.8.1